30 April 2009

I'll be hard-pressed to find anything like this over there

The differences between the images - one does not have:
Mountains reflecting in Utah Lake
Utah Lake
a body of water
Becca & Brooke

As sad as I just illustrated it, I am ready for the unknown. I'm so excited to go to D.C. I'm doing a Communication Disorders internship in D.C. this summer from May to August. I'm going to be a CM, an AmeriCorps Member. I will tutor pre-school children at risk for language disorders and then do a community service in D.C. like working in soup kitchens, cleaning national parks, taking care of the homeless, etc. I believe D.C. will become one of my cities.

When I was younger, my mum took my brother and I to Washington D.C. We saw the white house. Did you know there is a blue room, a green room, a red room, and some other primary/secondary color room? That was a pretty neat part of the White House.

We were advised yesterday in an orientation meeting to not see the same thing twice because there is so much history to be seen and experienced that you can't even sum it all up in 3 1/2 months. I'm so thrilled about the way I'll be spending my summer. So until then I'll be thinking of:
national monuments
abraham lincoln
(transitively john wilkes booth)
holocaust museum
other awesome black people
sweltering humidity
my preschool kids
D.C. singles wards
the metro
and last but not least, coming home to Provo.