29 September 2009


If you walk away, I'll walk away.
First tell me which road you will take-
I don't want to risk our paths crossing someday.
so you walk that way, I'll walk this way.

-bright eyes.

26 September 2009

I'm gonna wink my eye and let you know I got the game

I know this picture is inappropriate, but 1) read my blog and you'll understand. 2) I took this picture on the highway next to my parent's house, exciting.

Today is Saturday. Every Saturday, I have a blog post due for my rhetoric class. This week, our assignment is to analyze the rhetoric of a song of our choosing. I'm having the hardest time choosing a song. My sad lady artist friends are just cute and sad and wise. Country songs are always telling a story, and great stories at that, "i loved becky, but her daddy did a little time in the slammer..." I'm discovering that most of my music doesn't try to convince me of anything or persuade me to do something. Unless - of course - I'm listening to T.I., T-Pain, or Kanye West. Hip-Hop is the jackpot. They're always trying to convince me that they have the best game, best dope, they got a bird to chop, they are gonna flirt with me, or they are irreplaceable, or dang straight- you should have put a ring on her finger. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go with MIMS or T.I. MIMS claims he's the hottest there ever was, and R. Kelly ft. T.I. and T-Pain are gonna wink and you're gonna know they got it going on. Will I be convinced?? It shouldn't be too hard. They are black, handsome, sing, plus they're rich, and I'm a flirt, too.

14 September 2009

aI lev ju: = I love you in IPA (almost)

Amo la scuola. Questa semestera, ho cambiato le tutte mie classe perche ho cambiato il maggiore dello studio. Sono piu felice.
I changed my major! I am now studying Linguistics. Why?? I like languages. I have taken all the ASL classes at BYU, and up til now, they counted towards nothing except my personal, intellectual, and emotional pleasure. I would rather study a foreign language than any other subject. Linguistics gives me that opportunity. Also, a background in linguistics still qualifies me to get pursue a career in speech pathology or work on the same interdisciplinary team of a speech-pathologist. I'm so much happier to be in school and attending classes, now. So happy that I wanted to do my homework Friday night instead of going out. I have good friends, though, and they picked me up.
My phonetics class just tickles me. I have it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 o'clock in the a.m. I wouldn't miss it for the world. All we do in class is make really funny noises with our "articulators." We trill, we practice our bilabial fricatives, and we even develop our happy valley accents by utilizing our glottal stops in words like "moun-ain" or "sa-an." (- stands for a silent t). Gosh it just cracks me up every time I go to class.
I think I grew apart from communication disorders because I kept discovering the possible fact that I myself probably have one. That's never fun to learn about. Now, I go to class where the requirement is to make all the sound I want and write in a secret code called IPA only certain individuals will ever understand. So cryptic. So inventive. Also, being a linguistics major means you must complete 15 hours of a foreign language. I have completed 16 in ASL. Turns out all of that signing and practicing wasn't for nothing.
My house is no longer hollow and empty. I've moved everything in and things are much better. The transition period is over and now I am living. I'm thinking of painting my room. One violet wall and a mustard bedspread is what I'm thinking. Any thoughts?

01 September 2009

Choose Your Poison

Today was the first day of school. These days, the first day of school is not nearly as exciting as the first day of middle school, or even high school. I didn't have any new clothes, although beautiful Brooke let me borrow a shirt since all my things are packed away in my new hollow house with no sink or bathtub. It was a sweet shirt. I didn't have any new school supplies, just an orange binder in which I managed to jam a text book, syllabi and note cards.
While I waited in line to pick up the third of the textbooks I could afford, this guy behind me started talking to me.
"How are you?"
I looked around awaiting to hear an answer from someone, then turned, "Are you talking to me?"
Nod. Then I said, "I'm fine, Thank you , and yourself?"
I don't remember what he said, I just took the moment to take in who exactly I was talking to. A very tall, rotund man who seemed to have had a tough time making it up the stairs.
The next question: "So what's your poison?"
The question seemed appropriate according to my thought process: "arsenic, rat poison, anything but school." But in light of the moment, I didn't quite understand,
"As far as textbooks go...?"
"What are you studying? I'm a firm believer that everyone's major slowly kills them."
"Oh. I'm studying speech pathology. For a long time I didn't know if that is what I wanted, but I had a great summer, and I know that's what I want to do. What are you studying?"
(saw that coming).
Anyway, as rude as this blog is, my creepy acquaintance helped me realize that I do have a purpose for being here even if I feel depressed about school. My major is not slowly killing me, not if I don't let it.
I did have a great summer, I do miss those kids every day with my whole mind and heart. I do want to do well at BYU, I do I do I do I do.
Just do it Red.
It helps the process of BYU along when I walk into the bookstore and reunite with my very most wonderful-dedicated friend from high school, Kathleen after a couple years. I praise God everyday for His wonderful creations.