17 February 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you Taller

I will wear heels this summer.


I'm serious
gianni bini

11 February 2012

Guess what.

I got a job. I am now a part-part-time employee at Rung Boutique. Rung is a high-end second-hand clothing store for career women. One hundred percent of their proceeds go to the Women's Foundation of St. Louis. By "part-part-time," I mean that I work once or twice a week, but I am not complaining. I need a job and this is a great place, so I'll take it and do my best. 

To get this job, I had to piece together three outfits from items in the store: 1) lady going in for an interview, 2) lady going on a date, 3) lady in springtime. I guess she was one good-looking lady.

Also, these are the people who asked me the superhero question. I'm glad I have the chance to tell them my real answer.

07 February 2012

super bowl

I really enjoyed the Super Bowl. I've made it a goal to get into sports some more . . . or just more because I've never been into them up to this point. I suppose after watching 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights, anyone might make that same decision. Sports have a way of bringing people together, even if it is for something short-lived and unproductive in the grand scheme of things. Why watch people fight each other over a ball or a score to which we give arbitrary meaning? Why watch as people get injured, damaged, sometimes permanently? Why lose your voice while cheering for something that won't matter tomorrow or five years from now? But, perhaps, it will matter days and months from now. For instance, I seriously regret never attending a single Jimmer game at BYU. I attended BYU while Jimmer was making history, but I never made the time or spent the cash to go see him in action. My friends will talk about those games for years to come, most likely, and I won't be able to talk with them. More importantly, I won't be able to share the memories of experiencing the thrill, adrenaline, and camaraderie in the moment.

I think sports are powerful. In FNL, the football coach was deemed a molder of men. As the series unfolded and developed, you could see how he did, in fact, shape men into being leaders on the field and off the field, partners with their team members, men of integrity and empathy, men who were gracious and kind. Yes, it was scripted and, yes, it was not real life, but real people wrote that story. I think the point of Friday Night Lights was to show how people can reach their very best potential and it was delivered through the medium of high school football, high school, marriage, family, and friendships. Recently, I watched an episode of GLEE where Coach Beast said that the point of football is not to win big games or gain a reputation but to bring a community together. Again, I realize the incredibility of my sources, but it's what I got to work with. 

So, I want to get into sports and give them a real shot. Sports really do bring people together in the stands or in the living room, and it is good to be together. 

So, now to some technical things of sports that I do not understand yet: Why was Eli Manning named MVP of NYG if he wasn't even on the field when they won the game? Why wasn't he on the field at the same time as Tom Brady? Why do they get paid so much money? Can anyone answer these questions? I'd really appreciate it.

I realize sports can bring out the best and worst in people, but I'm going to keep the faith that sports are inspired and fun.
lana del ray >>> blue jeans

More silly interview questions

What is something about yourself that I wouldn't know from looking at your resume?
Isn't the resume there to inform you of all you need to know about me, but whatever... you asked:

  • I'm a natural red head
  • I can hold my breath for over a minute
  • I want to become an expert pottery lady
  • I won't be taking any smoke breaks because I quit cold turkey after one cig in 10th grade
  • I've never been drunk, but I think it might be fun, once
  • I love rock climbing
  • I hate holding grudges
  • I take fish oil supplements
  • I'm LDS
  • I don't wear anti-perspirant
  • I'm afraid of being alone
  • When I was little, I believed in ghosts
  • I'm a spelling bee champion
  • I'm taking sewing lessons and guitar lessons
  • In theory, I never eat red meat
  • I've never kissed a girl. No, that's not true
  • I like country music
  • I love to dance
  • I have a thing for short guys
  • You will probably love me when you get to know me

03 February 2012

my ideal job for right now

would be something that includes an element of art/design and power tools, which leads me to one place I can think of . . . the framing department in Michael's.

you think you're ready for a job interview

but then the employer asks you something stupid like, "If you were a superhero, which superhero would you be?" My first thought was, "Well, I'm morally against answering Wonder Woman because she's unrealistic in so many ways and her lasso of truth is too kinky for me," so I answered something stupid like Batman . . . as a woman. Whatever, I don't even know where I was going with that. 

But after having a couple days of to think the question over and remain unemployed, I've decided my official answer:

Jennifer Hudson.

I love my internship in St. Louis. Today, I interviewed a chef who recently opened a new restaurant. They do a No Menu Monday and I got to ask her questions about it while the photographer took pictures. Apparently, the guests fill out a questionnaire indicating if they have food allergies, what foods they love or hate, and if they are going for taste or fewer calories. I think No Menu Mondays is a brilliant risk and a lot of fun, but the best part was that I, the lowly unpaid intern, was asked to interview her for a spread in the magazine. That's not all, though. When we got back to the office, David briefly showed me how he shoots pictures for feature stories then asked me to style two shoots. I was thrilled.

Today was the first day in a long time that I have felt useful, productive, appreciated, and happy.