30 April 2011

GRE study

I am studying for the GRE. I am taking it June 20, 2011, and I'm pretty scared of it. I have a 2.5" thick prep book and a box of 500 words. I'm trying to figure out the best way to study. Through some calculation, I figured out that if I study 6 of the 500 words everyday, I will have them all done by June 20. But, how do I remember these words. I should write a paragraph using them like we did in elementary school. Good idea? Also, that way we can all learn together.
This might bet really boring after a while, but we'll see who gets into grad school, won't we?

abase—to humble, disgrace
abate—to reduce in degree, amount, or severity
abdicate—to give up, right, power, or position
aberrant—deviating from what is normal; unexpected, unusual
abeyance—temporary suppression or suspension
abjure—to reject, abandon formally
abscond—to leave secretly

Last night I turned my phone off. I did this because I was so tired and didn't want any interruptions while I slept. This was quite aberrant of me, as the last time I turned my phone off was when I was on an airplane flying home for Christmas. Well, that's the last time I'll enter abeyance from the cellular world. If I had kept it on, then I would have known that my landlord was coming to sell the entire upstairs to a couple of tenants. He forgot that I still lived there! Furthermore, he insisted that I abdicate my cozy, homey, turquoise, cute, clean, awesome private room to some girl who is probably sick of living in Heritage Halls. Well, I can assure you that that wasn't going to happen. Well, in an effort to not totally abase the landlord, I asked in a nice way if he was going to abjure from the formal contract we signed last August. He wasn't even aware of the contract, so I just told him I am staying til August and not giving up my room. Despite my defiant attitude, I could not abate the surge of hopeful tenants. In a perfect world where I had no inhibitions, I would have made the place as detestable as I could, so no one would want to live there—like put chewed gum all over the counters, dirty up all the dishes and pile them in the sink and on the stove, get one of the stray cats to come inside and do their thing, spray a can of body odor spray (that exists in a perfect world), get a whoopie cushion and sit on it for everyone to hear, be as gross as possible, have my boyfriend walk around without a shirt on. That's what I was daydreaming about as people passed through my kitchen and I read my scriptures to myself by the heater. Hmmmm. Who knows what will happen?