21 January 2009


Today I got my juice 'n java fix. I've been craving a good frappucino, mixed hot chocolate or anything warm and divine that comes in a Styrofoam cup for 3.65. Satisfaction, my friends, comes in the form of a 16 oz. virgin latte, soy, with a shot of coconut.
As I walked home from juice 'n java, I saw a mural of posters and art work in the walkway between 100 N and 200 N. I've walked through there countless times, but today I stopped to take a look. There's this group promoting 4-letter words - the kind that uplift and inspire instead of demoralize and combat. They had some of the best: LOVE, GIVE, LIVE, FAIR.
Crimethinc also made its mark with my favorite, Beauty. So as I was walking home, I was thinking of my own 4-letter words I would like to shape the way I think today-
hope, food, life, walk, help, and last but not least...

20 January 2009


I have had Fists Up! stuck in my head for a month i swear.
it goes a little like this:

i have tried
my hopes have blossomed
and my hopes have fried,
i tried to cut them all down
but i found hopes were still living deep inside,
like a team of renegade lovers
working long hours sneaking around
with a belief in the life of our love,
like a light at the end at the end
of a long tunnel; a struggle
It was perfect you know
with just one little problem
the fact that it turns out
you don't really want it
my love is a fortress,
my love is a Louvre
but it cant ever thrive
if i'm forced to keep proving it.

19 January 2009

Dai! Dai! Forza!

January, I can't complain. You've been really good to me so far.
I have started off this year pretty well. I didn't make resolutions because I didn't feel the need to resolve anything, but I made some goals and changes.
One goal was to take vitamins. I am spoiled by my young age. I don't have any aches or pains or arthritis or tiredness or dentures. I am alive and healthy - call me a 70-year-old Benjamin Button. But one of my worst fears is getting old. I'm not afraid of losing my IT when I'm old - you know my ladiness, my sex appeal, my attractiveness - no I think I'll still be sporting the flirt in my old age, but I won't be able to do it so agilely, so I should take defense against elderhood now. I take a children's vitamin everyday and supplement it with a daily dosing of St Ive's Vitamin E body wash- you know the bottle with the morter and pestel labeled with the red cross-doctor recommended symbol. What can I say I really let advertising get the better of me when it's convincing.
I also have made plans to travel. Destinations on my hotlist are as follows:
  • Portland
  • Iceland
  • China
  • Canada
China is in the works as we speak (or as I type and you read).
I want this year to be one of 'making it happen.' I'm just starting to realize that my life is up to me. I don't have to sit back and wait for anyone else to be ready, it is all up to me. I hope that didn't sound too selfish, but I just want to make the point to myself that I can become a more well-rounded, well-traveled, well-lived individual if I just do exactly what is I would like to. If I can make it happen for myself then I can be happy. When I can be happy with myself then I can love myself. When I can love myself I can love you, I can love everyone more than I already do.

I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and someone said to me the other day, "Shouldn't it be Pray, Eat, Love?" I laughed at how obviously right they were - right by my opinion. I had never thought of it before.
I plan to Pray, Eat, and Love this year. Feel free to join me.