24 October 2012

Something to Remember

Two weeks ago I went to a funeral for a coworker. She died suddenly from a second battle with cancer. It was shocking to come to work and hear that she had died after knowing her for only three months. Even in that short time, she made work so enjoyable. How enjoyable? Enjoyable in the way that she would ask me what the criteria is for a good butt was and if I had seen one that day. She was funny. So at the funeral, one of her daughters told a story about her and quoted her for saying "It's never going to get better than this." That saying has resonated in my mind ever since. It is the anecdote for discontentment. It is the opposite of "The grass is greener on the other side." It helps you make the most of any situation you are in and prevents you from expecting something better or hoping for something more. It changes your perspective of your circumstances. At first it sounds pessimistic like you have lost ambition or are submitting to whatever life has thrown at you, but when I think about how often I say to myself that things will be better when .... I get a different a job .... the next paycheck comes .... I go back to school, this sentiment cures those destructive apathetic thoughts by helping me accept my current status. Make the most of your time and embrace who you are and where you are and let go of expectations, self-loathing, and disappointment. I'm glad I met Rhonda and saw how she believed and lived this value. She was really happy and made time move slower and cherished every minute. I witnessed it.

It really can't get better than this. This being sitting by the fire in the living room among the crumbs of freshly devoured smores and the calming conversation between roommates sitting on the couch and lying on the floor. Yea they may be talking about children with auto immune disorders and crippling injuries .... and Russia .... but we are here and we are cozy and we are talking and it doesn't get any better than this.