30 September 2008

To Your Thoughtfulness and Love

If my words make you think,
then I have achieved it.
If my words make you laugh,
then I have succeeded.
If my words make you cry,
I hope it's not out of remorse.
I hope I only bring you joy
and aid you to lift up your voice.

If my words can make you smile,
then that is when I can rejoice.

Now let me go and find those words.
They are somewhere in a book.
They are thoughtfully written down on paper.
They are in a mother's look.
They are somewhere I must think and ponder,
a place where I should linger longer:
down on my knees
a grove of trees
or a friend's kitchen table.
These places open up my mind,
make room for words to enter.
If I know where to find them,
why am I still sitting centered?

I better now start walking centered.
roaming the wide latitudes
I'll be brave from ocean to ocean,
hearing words of every emotion.
I'll seek out the longitudes
of this earth on tilt
from high to low,
from pole to pole
I'll be inspired by the multitudes.

Now I'm listening,
Now I'm learning
all for the yearning
to make you smile.

25 September 2008

very important persons

These are my friends. I adore them. They are people that change my life.
They make me feel like a special person.

18 September 2008

it's hard to take risks with a pessimist

Sometimes when I think of how insignificant I must be according to all the laws of the universES, which are plural because I believe God made innumerable creations, I say to myself "ok well I exist, what are you going to do about it?" I guess that question is addressed to God and myself.
My friend slapped me on the leg and I re-focused on my place. Here in my place.

And indeed I do exist.
I think I exist for a few specific reasons. I exist to give hugs. I love holding people and being held. It is such a secure feeling. I'm so glad our arms are long enough to wrap around each other and squeeeeezzze.
I exist to dance around and be carefree. I like spreading this infection - it makes people laugh a little at least.
I exist to learn languages so I can travel, meet new people, hear their stories, really hear them then go home and spread the word.
I exist to bake. Everyone needs coconut macaroons and brownies to have a well-balanced life experience.
I exist to be a listener. I exist to walk like a llama. I exist to kiss. and tell. But tell for the sake of speaking, expressing just how damn great it was and how happy you made me feel.

We all exist for each other as far as I'm concerned.