06 November 2013

Staying Connected

We finally have cell phones. It took about a month to get them up and running. We were able to make calls as of Sunday, but our data plan wasn't working for some reason. After hours of forum-reading and forum-joining, John figured out how to get them working. We had to create APN's for data and MMS. I'm posting this to help anyone else who is having trouble staying connected with their Virgin mobile plan. This is the key to solving (y)our (phone) problems.

Problem solved. Now we have it all: phones, instagram, a car, insurance, 3 plants named Elmo, Enzy, and Lil' E, coconut oil, discount transport cards, and an upcoming anniversary.

I am getting excited for the next months. This past month was one of the hardest this year. Adapting to a new place has never been so hard until now. The language barrier, the French way of doing things, the changing weather, oh and still being a newly wed has brought its ups and downs. So much that I'm tired of them and am ready to master them. I don't want the roller coaster emotions to get the best of me anymore. This new perspective, or even desire of a new perspective, is commencing right around our 6 month anniversary. Six months seemed so far away back in May but it is already here and tumbling forward with momentum. I hope the next six months will be packed with positive energy, consistent selflessness, smiles, kisses, action and co-companionship from me. Because, let's face it, John, despite his ups and downs, never stops trying, always smiles and wants to do the right thing for both of us.

There really is no point to my blog other than me finding some weird satisfaction and accomplishment in publishing a post. But I want to give it some sort of theme, even purpose. I'm not about to review any products, become a mommy blogger, or refer to my husband as Mr. Murrugarra, I just want to keep it real. In reality, I complain a lot. It may not seem like it disguised in my small "velvety" voice as people have called it, but it is true! I complain a whole lot every day. So I am going to complain less, see the positive, be more hopeful, put a smile on, actually be some sort of ray of sunshine as my blog is titled and has been titled for 4 years. But in an effort to keep it real, I'll still say something "neutral" (read: negative). We all deserve some reality.

Two positives, 1 Real.

+ My husband can't rest until a mystery is solved or a problem fixed. The phones weren't working so he found time to fix them, even if it took hours. I married a hard worker, never giver upper.

+ I made a friend in class today who asked me if the cliches about America were true (we sue anyone and everyone, everything is cheaper, Abercrombie & Fitch is "cool"). I was sad to admit the true ones, but hey, I'm only 1/2 American. (Thanks, Mum!)

~ The bus driver didn't let me on the bus today. He was rude and kicked me out. I still don't understand why—I had my pass and money out ready to give to him. As he drove away, two bystanders saw what happened and ran into the middle of the road in an attempt to stop the bus driver, sadly to no avail. But they fought for me, or tried at least. I hope I do that for a stranger in need when I have the chance.