31 July 2010

Belleville, IL

So yesterday was a good day.  Mum and I went thrifting.  I looked up a few consignment/thrift places on google maps and we searched for them.  We went to this town called Belleville.  Isn't that a nice name?  Main street was old-fashioned with old city lamps and an old-style theatre or "show house."  The other day, I told a friend how I don't like shopping and spending money, but I don't feel the same about thrift shopping.  In fact, I feel like I'm helping the world when I go thrifting because, essentially, I am reducing, reusing and recycling.  How redeeming is that.  So I bought a pair of black shoes, the coolest black shoes.  I'll have to show them to you.  Mum thinks someone died in them- as with all of the things you'd find in a thrift/second hand place.

I'm not a big movie person, but my mum is.  She's a movie person.  She pretty much knows all the actors and actresses of big-hit movies whether old or new.  So, I like going to the theatre with her because she likes it.    And you can't say much in a theatre that will annoy the other.  So we went to a matinee in this old world town yesterday, only $4.50.  They had antique candy machines!  I don't even like candy, but I had to use this machine.  They are the kind where you put 3 dimes in, pull the knob, and candy pops out the bottom.  So satisfying.  Three Smarties.

In the theatre, Mum offered me popcorn.  I took a few and said "This is way too salty."  She took it back, ate a few and said, "You're right.  It is too salty."  I had to soak it in this moment where I was "right" for once.  Then she goes, "Well that's good because I've been dehydrated, lately."  I turned and looked at her with this face that said "You do have a college degree, don't you?"  but I just said, "Really? Mum salt dehydrates you, sucks all the moisture out."  "Oh," she says and merrily finishes the popcorn.  Sometimes she really makes me laugh or worry.

I really got a kick out of this place.  I'm pretty twitterpated with her.  I have to go back to the old Schwinn bike shop and Mum has to buy something at the butcher.  Yes, they have a local butcher.  Besides the part where they slaughter animals, I think it's a practice that shouldn't go out of style if people keep eating meat.

I'm slowly reaching my goal for liking this place and finding its awesome niches.  I've been getting great advice from people to help me reach this goal, so thank you everyone.

25 July 2010

free internet

What is one of the most treasured things in life?  Free internet.  You can call it mooching or not, but being in the right place at the right time is priceless.
I'm currently in the Houston airport awaiting my flight 933 to St. Louis.  I'm actually anticipating going home.  It's been a crazy two weeks down here in Florida and I'm ready for some constancy, some routine, some peace.  Yes, I said it, I'm ready to go home to my parents' house.
I've made a to-do list:

  • make a paper origami chandelier
  • build an easel
  • detox
  • explore St. Louis
I really need to take advantage of my new hometown.  Just now, I stole Southwest Airline's Spirit Magazine because it has a lengthy report on the magic of St. Louis.  It is one of the greatest cities in the U.S.  It is home to the best preserved architecture in America and the tallest National Monument.  You can buy the tallest apple pie here, too!  I want to see a show at Pageant Theatre and walk through Forest Park and paddleboat.  It's taken me about two years ago to be charmed by this new "home."  Let me just say this to the world, it's never worth it to wait to be happy.  I'm going to try being happy where I am as soon as I am there.  I'll find and make my own happiness.  Who's in?

23 July 2010

5 hours later

Wednesday was wonderful.  It will be recorded in my history as one of the best days of my life.
I was in Destin Commons with my friend Jamie and her baby.  We had lunch together and walked around. I wanted to go to Starbuck's because I knew my good friend Robert Bennett worked there.  Robert and I met in 8th grade, about 7 years ago.  We haven't kept in touch very much since then, but we've always been dear friends to each other.  So, naturally I was thrilled to have the chance to see him, especially in one of my favorite places - Starbuck's.  Unfortuantely, he wasn't there, but someone else was.  As I stood at the counter waiting for my Red tea herbal latte, soy, iced, someone said, "Please tell me you are Jessica Myers."  I looked to my right and it is was my dear friend Katie Bernard whom I knew since Middle school and sat next to in Life Management Skills in 9th grade.  We hugged and laughed and couldn't stop talking.  She invited me to a friend's party later that night.  Then she said Robert should start work in 30 minutes.  So, you could say I was elated.  I went from disappointed to do-I-deserve-all-this-joy-at-once--ment?  I saw Robert 30 minutes later and it was sweet.  The only thing that had changed in 7 years was he took out his labret piercing and had a tattoo on his left arm: Liberado.  Later that night, no one made it to the party, we just sat outside of Starbuck's as he finished his shift and remained seated for the next 5 hours catching up and telling stories.  Katie, Robert, Kayleigh his wife, and me.  It was the sweetest feeling in the world.
This experience has made me wonder if I should get facebook...  I feel like if I don't reactivate my account then I'm going to be taking advantage of serendipity.  I'm going to be greedy for more experiences like that, but if I get facebook, then the chance for serendipity to intervene will be diminished.  But keeping up via facebook will keep me up to date more efficiently because it's so instantaneous.  But, I hate the detached/removed/desensitization it imposes on friendships.  A friend is someone you meet, spend time with, exchange phone numbers with, serve, talk to - not just press a button for.  I know I can choose to be friends with "real friends" but I don't want to take anyone's friendship for granted because it's right there in front of my face everyday, updated, tagged, etc.  I don't want it to get old, I suppose.  Oh gosh.
Anyway, I thank God for Wednesday.  I'm grateful He put us in each other's paths again and that we didn't forget about each other.  After all this time, we are still precious to one another.  We are meant to be friends forever.

15 July 2010


Lately, I have been devoured by a life of ease.  Devoured is the right word.  It is just eating me up.  The queen-size blankets swallow me whole I can hardly get out of bed in the morning.  The pool just drinks me up in the afternoon - we look like a patriotic cocktail, red and blue and whitewhitewhite.  And then Britt and her friends come home from school and lavish me with party hour fruit slushies from sonic.  Life is good.

07 July 2010


is it safe to consider an inanimate object a friend?  I hope so, because I consider a pair of bobby pins my best friends over diamonds any day.  I wear them in my hair everyday, I can't go without them. I'm trying to get creative with them.  I like the nest look, probably because my hair looks like a nest most of the time.  and how cute is this origami rose bobby.  On my search for all things bobby, I found a new blog: www.bobbypinblog.blogspot.com. I'd also like to make a shout out to bobby johnson, on whom I'll always have a mega crush.

05 July 2010


If I was granted a wish right now, it would be this: to see mynameisjohnmichael play at lollapalooza in august with my friend I so affectionately & mistakenly call john michael.

who knew?


I recently made my very first purchase on eBay. I haven't quite got the hang of bidding and auctions, but I'm excited to practice. eBay really does making spending money fun. The fun factor lies in the fact that spending money has actually become winning a product. Instead of saying "Thank you for your purchase," eBay says "Congratulations, you've won suchandsuch." Who doesn't like winning, is my question? So eBay has turned the filthy habit of spending money into a game of strategy and a bit of luck. Way to play with our minds, eBay. I love it, I really do.
The truth is you can get quality stuff for a very nice price, a price you set yourself. And the process of bidding results in the comfort that you've worked for it, you've fought for it, you've researched appropriate competitive prices. It's really an all around good feeling - especially when you're currently living for free at your parent's house. I better live up my new lifestyle before Aug. 30th.

I bought LOST seasons 1-6 for my parent's 28th anniversary. $75. not bad, right?
I hope they don't read this.