26 July 2011

GRE done.

I took the GRE last Wednesday. It was a wild experience. I got there at 8:03 a.m. but didn't get to take the test until 9:24 a.m. They were having technical issues so they couldn't check everyone in on time via the computer. I finished around 1 p.m. I think I should have finished a little later but I may or may not have cancelled the very last section . . . let me explain. In all my studying and preparation for the test, I was informed that there were only 3 sections to the GRE, so after I finished all 3 sections (analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal) a fourth section pops up and I have 30 more minutes to complete it. Why?! I answered the first several questions and then decided that it was ridiculous and ridiculously hard so I cancelled it. Woops. To be honest, I think or have convinced myself that there was a screen before that section that said something along the lines, "the following section is optional and for research purposes." Who knows if that's real or not. I got my scores at the end of the test and they're not too bad. I'm happy with them.

I have spent the past week in Illinois visiting my parents. We made a trip to Chicago to take a look at Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and it looks really good. I like the look of the program but I don't like Chicago winters. The opportunity cost there isn't really a factor but I'm just saying that a winter in Chicago is miserable. Now, I'm just scoping out my grad school options but my mind is really on my trip this fall to Southeast Asia. I just can't wait to sleep under mosquito nets and avoid raw vegetables at all costs.

12 July 2011


I take the GRE in a week and I've only made it through the letter "D" of my 500 vocabulary flashcards. I'll let you know how it goes.