30 December 2011


Me: 'Scuse me. Where can I find the APA Publication Manual?
B&N employee: Behind the cash register.
Me: Why isn't it with the rest of the reference books?
B&N employee: It's one of the most stolen books we have. It's on the high-theft list. That and the Bible.
Me: Thank you.

29 December 2011


christmas eve

joe & felicita

joann & pete

me & me

joe put too much gas in the creme brulee-er

joann made felicita an apron, oven mitt, and two pot holders

the neighbors


santa brought new friends for christmas

traditional Christmas dinner with pork roast, german potato salad, german red cabbage, and my childhood
favorite of cream peas

traditional italian dessert with panodoro cake and, well, pie, which is not italian. we'll just say torta di chocolate.

i think the one on the right looks like John Cusack.

we always have christmas hats.
i loved christmas this year.

cults/go outside

28 December 2011

looking forward to _____________________

a very good story that I finished last summer
ping pong
wait for it
doubles as a pool table!

new family Christmas present
can't wait to beat joe at his own game
in his own house

27 December 2011

vice versa: exploring the multidimensional female persona//amber valetta & shalom harlow//vogue
for my skin please

24 December 2011

First things first.

I've "come home" three times in the past month. First was coming home to the United States; second was coming home to Provo, UT; third was coming home to the parents' house in St. Louis, MO. It seems that every time I have "come home" in the past month, I've done the same things: Eat at a favorite cafe, go shoe shopping, and then hit up the bakery. This is a pattern in my life I don't see a need to change.

hot boba tea in L.A.

thrift shoe shopping in Hollywood 
new friends 
ok, instead of a bakery, we did macrobiotic. When in Hollywood . . .

I don't have pictures to document the inbetween, which belongs here. Between LA and St. Louis, I was in Provo. What were the first things I did? Take Chloe out to brunch at Gourmandise Bakery & Cafe on 3rd West, help Chloe pick out a pair of boots at Nordstrom, then go to yet another bakery.

creperie in St. Louis 
'dem heels

paper bags from wood bakery

classic favorites from a new favorite bakery