10 August 2010


I called the Tom's Hotline and Cameron answered the phone.  He was very nice and helpful.  He apologized for my sore armpits and sent me a sensitive skin formula to try out.  I must say I am apprehensive, but he assured me there are very sensitive ingredients for very sensitive people like me.  So now we are waiting until the cool cucumber-berry stick comes in the mail.  Let's hope this one works.


STEVEN said...
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Thank you for the story and follow up on your axillas. I feel the truly natural thing to do might be to let nature run it's course. That is, let those smellies do their thing! If sweat is natural, than so is it's smell. If you're a friend of nature you're afraid of it's pungency. Right? Right. Or, maybe you can call the Old Spice company and ask them to make you a stick of lady-version High Endurance Deodorant, Fresh flavor. This stick of choice has disguised (or combined with) my nature since the sample stick I was issued in the 5th grade puberty class. That's when things happened to start getting a little sweaty.

Smell ya later!



*If you're a friend of nature you're NOT afraid of its pungency.

That's right Jes. Not afraid. Be smelly. It's the natural way.

Kathleen said...

ive come to the realization that you and i bond over updates on our bodies/bodily functions.