01 November 2011

I own an orange leather Hermes bag. Or so I think I do. I bought this a few weeks ago because I needed a handbag because my other one was falling apart. But not just any bag. It had to be leather with a long strap, preferably brown, and with lots of pockets. At the market, it was very difficult to find a brown bag with a long strap that wasn't Louis Vuitton, but I did end up finding a bag much like this one. Why orange? Why not. They didn't have brown, but they had orange and magenta. I chose orange to go with the orange lipstick I have back home. 
Ok, I'm not writing this just to talk about a stupid bag, or maybe I am. The bag is Hermes brand. I am not familiar with this brand, but last night the bartender at my guesthouse asked if it was a "proper Hermes bag," and I shrugged my shoulders implying that "I guess so." This made me question, "What is a Hermes bag, exactly?" It's a leather purse that normally goes for $1,000 in Paris, London, and the U.S. 
I bought it for $10.
So I am writing this to talk about a stupid expensive bag.
I question if it is real, though, because the handle fell off and keeps falling off despite my attempts to tape it together. 

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