20 April 2014

Joyeuse Påques

Little Olly (Oliver) dying his egg yellow

I was not sure how to make cool designs on the eggs so I just wowed them by mixing colors. Wow, Jess!

Bunny masks.
Non-cursive and cursive. Edgy.

John and I spent an entire evening making these homemade baskets out of recycled bottles because ... s.t.r.i.c.t. budget
Philine, Elise, Renske & Emily

Philine & Elise, les jumelles 

Today is Easter, but we had an early celebration last Friday for the little ones. I and my friend, Tereza, planned a party for the whole neighborhood. We made bunny masks, dyed eggs, and had an Easter egg hunt. It was eggcellent! The moms in the neighborhood really loved it and were glad their kids could play together. I am really glad John helped out by drawing the bunny masks for me to cut out, cutting the bottles for me to fill with grass and tie a handle to, and buying/retrieving all the materials we needed to have a party. Needless to say, I am really excited for the day we get to host Easter parties for our own kids, because I know together we can make it magical for them.

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