25 October 2008


Ok i did it. I did it even though I thought I wasn't going to make it - certain and hell bent on failure.
I feel how I felt the moment I crossed the finish line of my triathlon: Like i was going to vomit. But then two minutes later the endorphins were rushing and I felt incredible. Not the faintest glimpse of that awful sickly feeling any longer.
It also helped that my best friends were with me through the whole triathlon : cheering me on, screaming my name, trusting me to make it to the finish line. Not to mention insisting that I looked hott running in all my salty, chloriney glory. I couldn't have done it without them.
Now I've crossed the finish line and I'm standing on the other side with my best friends, half of a bagel, complex carbs never tasted so good, my custom-made banner: Red Alert, and a trophy of inner victory.
That is my weekend so far. I took a mid-term, I took a quiz, the last of 5 for the week [perhaps the swim and excruciating bike ride] and then I went to work. at 2 jobs. [the long, long, homeRUN] and then I spent the night with my friends [the blessed endorphins]. They bring me back, keep me going, make me smile.

I am so lucky.

This week I made a fortune teller. I don't think I ever made one in elementary school. But don't worry - I definitely made up for it the other night. It is so dope. The fortunes pertain to my roommates and the wonderful, quirky things I think define some of their personality. I don't know what could totally encompass them; their personalities are HUGE.

Today my i-google fortune cookie said "Music, travel and people define my nature." As impersonal and uninformed and misleading and unreliable and dumb as a webtastic virutally unrealistic fortune cookie is, I'm going to take this one to heart. I think I would add a few things - Jesus, food, and romance.

And there it is.


amber. said...

uncle jessie you are fantastic. kudos for going through things and for loving every minute of it. youre so damn inspiring. love you.

Jeffrey Costello said...

you make me want to change my life dramatically. maybe even a sex change.

kelly said...

hello! i would like to know why i didn't know about this blog, i saw you comment on juli's. you have to check out mine,
sisbish.blogspot.com come visit anytime and leave "appreciations"!
i am going to immerse myself in your posts when i have a min. and will comment back.
love ya,

kelly said...

ok, i hadn't seen the comment on mine so i forgive you :) i love that you started a blog, maybe i can get ki to start on when she goes to spain in jan.
so you did a triathalon? how far was each leg? that is so impressive, any pictures?
have you seen Pam's blog? she is coming in a few weeks,can't wait to see her.

Pam said...

Ok miss Jessica,
I didn't know you had a blog. and was all that triathalon talk just a metaphore for your mid terms or did you actually do one? I must call you. I miss you

Looper said...

loved this too.