09 November 2008

November Weather. Forever Friends. Trespassing on Mayor's property.

I had the best day of the season today. Amber, aka tAMBERine, and best boyfriend Tyson took me to the mountain in Pleasant Grove and took pictures. We met the cOOOlest kids in a field of gravel playing paintball. We were helping them in the war effort and when Tyson was ready to attack to defend their side he found himself empty handed: no gun. Best moment ever was: one of the boys said, "Here!" and threw him an imaginary gun.

After the mountain, the paintball, the barefeet, the nature we got in the car and took the backstreets home. We drove by the most wondrous house - seriously a big kid playground with a tree house, a seesaw, a greenhouse, a vicious dog, a rusty bike and pumpkins.

The house turned out to belong to the mayor of Lindon. Sorry Mayor for trespassing but we couldn't live with ourselves if we passed up the most memorable, worthwhile place to play in all of Utah. A thousand thank yous.

All in all, it was a really nice day.


Nate Myers said...

i am a lucky ducky to have a sistah like you :)

James said...


ms-mclaws said...

you are gorgeous. drop dead gorgeous.

kelly said...

that last pic of you is amazing! someone is a great photographer, very artsy!
why are you a portland girl?

amber. said...

bossest day ever. thanks for being my number one uncle jessie. you are the prettiest girl on the block.

Looper said...

omg how much do i love these pictures. 10 Times a billion. is someone a photographer?

and you my dear. are stunning.