14 December 2008

The First Christmas Sledders

Dear All,
Happy Snow of the Season!
The truth is I don't like the snow very much unless it is falling in heavy, thick chunks and I'm snuggled up to a fireplace or a man. But I'm learning to adapt. I love walking in the snow arm in arm with my roommates or sledding.
I went sledding for the first time early this morning.... say about 1 - 4 a.m. It was the most fun I could have in the misery of winter. I was with good friends who know how to have a good time. I wrote a poem about the whole experience:

Sledding is fun.
You can do it without the sun.
You can be anything you want-
a jockey or a jugant.
Don't forget your snowshoes,
your gloves, mittens, a sled or two,
pants to keep you warm and snug,
a snowbunny to hold you in a great big hug.
When you have all these things
you're ready for a Christmas slide.
Grip the handles on the side,
Don't look back or you may die.
You may realize some things on this ride:
1) that camels slip and slide
2) rolling picks up more speed
3) standing could very well make you bleed
4th and last on this winter adventure,
that friends become so forgiving
when you steamroll their limbs and almost cease their living.
But when you help each other stand
and prepare for the next jockey, 2 man,
you'll learn that lungs and throats never felt so raw
than when you flew down the hillside
in joyful awe.
'A camel' was the name of one our maneuvers on the sled. It consisted of someone on all fours and two people on their back. Yea we're dangerous.

Anyway, it was one of the funnest nights and I look forward to more of them.

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kelly said...

so it sounds like fun but i hate snow and cold too. so who's the man to be snuggled up with?