29 December 2008

Clicking My Heels

There's no place like home,
There's no place like home,
There's no place like home.

I'm feeling a little homesick. Odd- considering I am at home, or rather my parent's house in Illinois. It was as cold as the south pole last week and then Boxing Day turned out to be like a day on the beach: 66 degrees. I spent the morning on the porch in my pajamas teaching my family various yoga positions.

Warrior 1....breathe....chair.....downward facing dog.....cobra.....breathe
It was lovely.

However, I can't deal with this inconsistency - the weather and the customs my family has chosen to disregard and abandon like church, health, friends.
Being here makes me want to go to home - Provo. My friends are there along with my work and school. My center of gravity is in Provo. I can safely make plans there and swing the pendulum far east or far west but still land safely in Provo in the arms of my friends.

I've switched my blog around a little bit and changed the picture. That is a picture I took in August on the way to the Pali lookout on Oahu. Notice how the smokey clouds hang low on the rifted cliff side. It is breathtaking. Waterfalls often form on this mountainside because of the way the ridges cut deep into the face of the mountain. When I'm asked where I am from, I respond with Hawaii. Although I can't go 'home' anymore to Hawaii, it still has a piece of my heart.

I get on a plane in about twelve hours heading for Salt Lake City. I can't wait. I have absolutely no hesitation with leaving my parent's house and going home to my roommates.

....child's pose....relax....breathe......


kelly said...

so how was christmas, i hope your parents are doing ok, it sounds like it is a little rough. i am sure they loved having you there though. i hope you know you always have a home in hawaii but i am glad that you feel you have a center, you will find your own place to call home one day maybe provo maybe not but you will make it your home. namaste!

Marie said...

Oh my dear Red! I'm sorry that "home" in Illinose is hard for you. I wish I could change it for you. It interesting; I got really tired of Provo and moved here to SLC and I think I will love it, but dealing with change always takes a while. Provo still seems like home to me. Home is constantly changing and it is hard to handle sometimes. Oh well! That's life, I guess! I love you. You are great.

Michelle Christensen said...

I'm glad you are back here with us again. Let's take a trip to Hawaii. Love you.

Looper said...

I completely understand this.