19 January 2009

Dai! Dai! Forza!

January, I can't complain. You've been really good to me so far.
I have started off this year pretty well. I didn't make resolutions because I didn't feel the need to resolve anything, but I made some goals and changes.
One goal was to take vitamins. I am spoiled by my young age. I don't have any aches or pains or arthritis or tiredness or dentures. I am alive and healthy - call me a 70-year-old Benjamin Button. But one of my worst fears is getting old. I'm not afraid of losing my IT when I'm old - you know my ladiness, my sex appeal, my attractiveness - no I think I'll still be sporting the flirt in my old age, but I won't be able to do it so agilely, so I should take defense against elderhood now. I take a children's vitamin everyday and supplement it with a daily dosing of St Ive's Vitamin E body wash- you know the bottle with the morter and pestel labeled with the red cross-doctor recommended symbol. What can I say I really let advertising get the better of me when it's convincing.
I also have made plans to travel. Destinations on my hotlist are as follows:
  • Portland
  • Iceland
  • China
  • Canada
China is in the works as we speak (or as I type and you read).
I want this year to be one of 'making it happen.' I'm just starting to realize that my life is up to me. I don't have to sit back and wait for anyone else to be ready, it is all up to me. I hope that didn't sound too selfish, but I just want to make the point to myself that I can become a more well-rounded, well-traveled, well-lived individual if I just do exactly what is I would like to. If I can make it happen for myself then I can be happy. When I can be happy with myself then I can love myself. When I can love myself I can love you, I can love everyone more than I already do.

I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and someone said to me the other day, "Shouldn't it be Pray, Eat, Love?" I laughed at how obviously right they were - right by my opinion. I had never thought of it before.
I plan to Pray, Eat, and Love this year. Feel free to join me.


kelly said...

hi jess, it is eat, pray, love because of the order she travels in and what she learns in each place, i liked that book. so why would you be going to china, ki is loving spain check out her blog off of mine. judge thompson spoke at stake conference today home from his mission in canada, he was looking very mature and cute :)

Marie said...

You are lovely.