21 January 2009


Today I got my juice 'n java fix. I've been craving a good frappucino, mixed hot chocolate or anything warm and divine that comes in a Styrofoam cup for 3.65. Satisfaction, my friends, comes in the form of a 16 oz. virgin latte, soy, with a shot of coconut.
As I walked home from juice 'n java, I saw a mural of posters and art work in the walkway between 100 N and 200 N. I've walked through there countless times, but today I stopped to take a look. There's this group promoting 4-letter words - the kind that uplift and inspire instead of demoralize and combat. They had some of the best: LOVE, GIVE, LIVE, FAIR.
Crimethinc also made its mark with my favorite, Beauty. So as I was walking home, I was thinking of my own 4-letter words I would like to shape the way I think today-
hope, food, life, walk, help, and last but not least...


kelly said...

what ,my friend is a virgin latte? i am sure your not hopped up on coffee?!!
i get trying to stay warm though, a nice hot chocolate always helps even here in HI!

Marie said...

You are so freakin' cute.