09 February 2009


Sometimes I don't feel like blogging. This happens most often when I am forlorn and down about something. This morning is the start to a sad, foggy day and I don't want to blog because I think I might only write sad, foggy things.
I could copy and paste some sad, foggy lyrics I've been listening to lately, but I don't want other people speaking for me right now.
Maybe sad and foggy have set in because I had such an outstanding weekend. My feelings and emotions have caught up to me- it's like when you've exhausted all the good happy joy joy feelings and now have room for the melancholy sad feelings that were displaced by a surplus of bright bubbly optimism.
Sometimes we have bad days where we feel like we are sliding on the ice and don't have a good footing, but I think the ice will melt soon and the fog will dissipate and the sadness will wash away.

Good morning, Monday. It's good to see you again.


Elisa said...

I like to take Greg's attitude about sliding on the ice, both literally and metaphorically: every time you slip, pretend you are busting out an awesome dance move.

amber said...

uncle jessie!!!! i MISS you!!! please dont get fugging foggy. you deserve better. you would love it down here. its so beautiful. please love where you are now. and now. and now. youre so great. i hope youre having a very lovely day. also. i will try and sneak a gorgeous european in my suitcase for you. adios.