26 September 2009

I'm gonna wink my eye and let you know I got the game

I know this picture is inappropriate, but 1) read my blog and you'll understand. 2) I took this picture on the highway next to my parent's house, exciting.

Today is Saturday. Every Saturday, I have a blog post due for my rhetoric class. This week, our assignment is to analyze the rhetoric of a song of our choosing. I'm having the hardest time choosing a song. My sad lady artist friends are just cute and sad and wise. Country songs are always telling a story, and great stories at that, "i loved becky, but her daddy did a little time in the slammer..." I'm discovering that most of my music doesn't try to convince me of anything or persuade me to do something. Unless - of course - I'm listening to T.I., T-Pain, or Kanye West. Hip-Hop is the jackpot. They're always trying to convince me that they have the best game, best dope, they got a bird to chop, they are gonna flirt with me, or they are irreplaceable, or dang straight- you should have put a ring on her finger. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go with MIMS or T.I. MIMS claims he's the hottest there ever was, and R. Kelly ft. T.I. and T-Pain are gonna wink and you're gonna know they got it going on. Will I be convinced?? It shouldn't be too hard. They are black, handsome, sing, plus they're rich, and I'm a flirt, too.


Kathleen said...

black and rich??? c'mon, what would you have done?

Lauren Smith said...

You are amazing. I read this and laughed. :]

Marie said...

Oh man my Red! I love you! Can you share some T.I. with me? I am out of the loop.

Check out Lady Sovereign, Gatheration. Great little lady from the UK.