14 September 2009

aI lev ju: = I love you in IPA (almost)

Amo la scuola. Questa semestera, ho cambiato le tutte mie classe perche ho cambiato il maggiore dello studio. Sono piu felice.
I changed my major! I am now studying Linguistics. Why?? I like languages. I have taken all the ASL classes at BYU, and up til now, they counted towards nothing except my personal, intellectual, and emotional pleasure. I would rather study a foreign language than any other subject. Linguistics gives me that opportunity. Also, a background in linguistics still qualifies me to get pursue a career in speech pathology or work on the same interdisciplinary team of a speech-pathologist. I'm so much happier to be in school and attending classes, now. So happy that I wanted to do my homework Friday night instead of going out. I have good friends, though, and they picked me up.
My phonetics class just tickles me. I have it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 o'clock in the a.m. I wouldn't miss it for the world. All we do in class is make really funny noises with our "articulators." We trill, we practice our bilabial fricatives, and we even develop our happy valley accents by utilizing our glottal stops in words like "moun-ain" or "sa-an." (- stands for a silent t). Gosh it just cracks me up every time I go to class.
I think I grew apart from communication disorders because I kept discovering the possible fact that I myself probably have one. That's never fun to learn about. Now, I go to class where the requirement is to make all the sound I want and write in a secret code called IPA only certain individuals will ever understand. So cryptic. So inventive. Also, being a linguistics major means you must complete 15 hours of a foreign language. I have completed 16 in ASL. Turns out all of that signing and practicing wasn't for nothing.
My house is no longer hollow and empty. I've moved everything in and things are much better. The transition period is over and now I am living. I'm thinking of painting my room. One violet wall and a mustard bedspread is what I'm thinking. Any thoughts?


Elisa said...

Yay linguistics and IPA! And you.

Kathleen said...

Sa-an!!! aw i loved that. can we work on HARRIBLE now? :)

kelly said...

you are funny! i hope that you will still pursue something in speech you would be so good! love the utah accent thing that explains a lot - a silent T!

Marie said...

I took phonetics too! I loved that class. Glottal stops. I just love those.