10 October 2009

mug shot.

I don't really have anything to say this time except I'm not heartbroken anymore. I really just need to update this blog so the first thing you see isn't heartbreak.

Here's a funny story in a nutshell:
went to see a show last night
tried to sneak into club
got caught
left the club
ate my emotions
didn't get to sleep til late
slept in
turned my phone off
closed the curtains
trying to rediscover my identity

not heartbroken. just a thief.


kelly said...

sorry you were heartbroken! why are you sneaking into clubs missy!!??
miss you!

Marie said...

Did you cut your hair? It looks way short in this picture. I am so confused.

And you can get kicked out of a club any day if it means I get to chill with my girl! Love ya, babe.

Austin said...

red, your red hair looks incredibly short.

you are so beautiful!

i love your poetic-ness.