06 March 2010

Live long and prosper deathcab

Today I had a terrible dream that Deathcab was going under, as if they were a restaurant on the verge of closing for good. It was so sad. They were performing free concerts, playing songs by personal request, doing whatever they could to get the rejuvenating support of their fans. Why would I dream about that? Ben Gibbard, don't stop the music. We are here for you.

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shannon said...

Jessica!! Hey, it's Sister Bachelor from Florida. I found your mom on facebook and have always wondered what you were up to. Looks like you are doing really well, I saw the video of you on her facebook page! You are soooo beautiful and for some reason you remind me of myself when I was in college. Traveling around, having fun, doing good in the world. I love it!! I miss that!! I didn't know how else to get in touch with you except to leave a comment on here. I didn't know if you had a email or something else. Send me an email if you do and I'll write more and I'll send you some pics! Talk to ya soon. Oh, and here is my email: shannonbatley@hotmail.com
Love, Shannon