04 March 2010

What do you do when the drowning stops?

knock. knock. anyone there. wow, this place is dusty. Looks like Jenny is still where I left her. Time to update.
Hello. I came to the library thinking I needed to finish a homework assignment, but it's already done!! And not due until tomorrow. wow. So here I am. home.sweet.home. on my blog that is. Eating crunchy carrots and pretty salty pretzels, probably upsetting the silence of those so studiously working among me. But hey, a carrot top needs her beta-carotene.

Nothing really to say except I'm back. Oh and did you know the Wasatch Front lies on a huge fault line? Bec told me that the other night in light of the earthquakes of Haiti and Chile. God bless them. What if there was an earthquake here? What if a volcano erupted between us when we were sleeping? What if a hurricane swept us off the sidewalks with the leaves and fire hydrants? Let's put those knee pads and helmets on.

I would like to quote Dr. Dog:

What do you do when the drowning stops?


Brooke said...

I doubt a hurricane will get us here, but I'll put on kneepads anyways because they look cool.

are you selling challah with the other UNICEFers today?

Marie said...

Okay, the thought of this is freaking me out. I work and live on third floors. I am on third floors for at least 15 hours a day. If an earthquake hits, I am going to fall through the floor! Or, what if I'm in the shower? Naked?!! Or at the gym, which is underground? Or wearing a really bad outfit that I will have to wear for days until my other clothes are unburied, if they ever get unburied? I have thought about this a lot, can you tell? All I can say is have your food storage ready and make sure you have cash on hand. And if you are going to die, pray for an instant death. Oh gosh. I'm going to stop now.

Austin said...

yeah I heard about the fault line previously. That is one of the reasons that the church re-did the tabernacle was because they needed to earthquake-proof it.

kelly said...

hi my jess! how are you?! pam told me she got to see you. i am actually in park city right now. i need your phone #. i will be in provo on fri. i don't have a lot of time but we will be up by BYU or there so i would love to give you a hug. send me an email with your cel # kellybishop1@hawaiiantel.net i will check in the morning. or call me 808-398-9073