06 June 2010

Day 40

Last night, I went clubbing with my cousins Ben and Michelle and their mates. We went to this place called the Havelock in Adelaide. First, we had a typical pub dinner. I ordered salt and pepper squid and a lemon squash to drink (sprite). Then the party got started on the dancefloor. Of course, again, I had to wait a while til people got more tipsy to get the party started. Basically, we danced the night away until the pub closed at 1 a.m. It was awesome, it was a real night in the city.
Notes to self:
always wear heels or boots to a club to withstand the shattered glass and sticky floor - no cute black flats.
show off those legs next time
keep the mocktails coming


Sondra said...

Looks like you're having a great time. How long are you going to be there?

Jowanza's Musings said...

You passed up on a chance to drink Corona? What about our social drinking conversation?

tifsong said...

kels just gave me the link to your blog, because you don't have a facebook. so i couldn't stalk you there.

jk. i'm not a creeper.
but i'm going to be your housemate.

hi, i'm Tif.
and i think you're pretty.
lets be friends?