25 January 2011

No signal

When I was fifteen, we made a trip to the mainland during summer break to visit my family. On this trip, I went fishing with my cousins at a nearby lake. They told me that if I touched the water in the lake I would get gonorrhea. Believing them, I stayed as far from the water as I could, yet still fishing. (In hindsight, why would I keep fishing for fish in gonorrhea water? no idea.) Finally, my cousin, Will, taking advantage of my gullibility grabbed me and threw me into the lake. Gross. I thought that was it for me. Then I realized that my phone was in my back pocket and it had died in the water. It couldn't have gotten worse than that. Forget STD's—A day without my phone! Impossible.

Today, I change my mind. In fact, I wish someone would throw me in that lake. Throw my phone in there, too. Leave me alone in the lake with my phone. Yes. That would be nice.


Sondra said...

I sense that you are tired....of something.

Brooke said...

I feel you, I think.
I would please love to be thrown in a lake with my phone too right now.
Maybe even a frozen lake.

Fox Duchovny said...

Just leave me be for a sec!

Harris and Kathleen said...

ha. i remember that.