11 October 2011

Nate, wanna switch places?

Sometimes, I wish I had been born as the oldest child. As it is nice to have all the perks of being the youngest--you don't have to carry the burden of being the oldest like sacrificing your toys, always being "the responsible one," settling arguments, getting in trouble because "you should know better, you're the oldest,"-- the youngest usually lacks the creativity and decisiveness of older children. I have learned this by watching my friends who are the oldest children in their families. They take the lead in discussions, they usually have the best ideas, they usually contribute ideas, they seem to be more creative. When I compare my brother and myself, this is all true. He voices his opinion, he is more artistic and creative, he doesn't get annoyed when I ask for advice but doesn't really understand the concept of asking for advice because he usually just makes a decision, "It's up to you, Jessie." Basically, I'm saying that I wish I learned at a young age how to be creative and make decisions. I wish I had the burden of coming up with fun games to entertain my younger siblings or helping mum and dad feed the kids or do the chores. I think older kids just have a better handle on things, to say it simply and lazily.

However, I wouldn't really want to give up being the cute, adorable kid that was always allowed to play with my brother's older friends, or being daddy's spoiled little girl, or just being the sweet, youngest kid you just can't get enough of. I would miss that. That has molded me a lot, as well, but I want to be "cooler," like an oldest kid.

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Marie said...

It's interesting because even though I have two older sisters, I feel like I have a lot of the traits of an oldest. I guess, due to the fact that there are six of us, I would be considered one of the oldest. Hmm...

Enough of me thinking on the page. Love you, baby cakes. I saw your pictures of the floods in Cambodia. Stay dry and safe!