11 February 2012

Guess what.

I got a job. I am now a part-part-time employee at Rung Boutique. Rung is a high-end second-hand clothing store for career women. One hundred percent of their proceeds go to the Women's Foundation of St. Louis. By "part-part-time," I mean that I work once or twice a week, but I am not complaining. I need a job and this is a great place, so I'll take it and do my best. 

To get this job, I had to piece together three outfits from items in the store: 1) lady going in for an interview, 2) lady going on a date, 3) lady in springtime. I guess she was one good-looking lady.

Also, these are the people who asked me the superhero question. I'm glad I have the chance to tell them my real answer.

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Marie said...

That sounds awesome!! I'm so happy for you!! I got offered a full time job at the Food Bank in Salt Lake, and had an awesome interview at The Road Home, the homeless shelter, to be a grant writer. If I get that job, I'll take it, but if not, I still have another job to fall back on! Woo! We are doing good, my sweet. PS did you ever hear back from that magazine you wanted to work for?