11 July 2012

Juice Fast Day Two

Today was the second day of juice fasting and it went much better than yesterday. I made three juices:
  1. Spinach, grape, apple
  2. Apple, lemon, ginger
  3. Spinach, carrot, apple
All three were delicious, except I have a harder time with carrot juices. The first couple sips are easy and even enjoyable, but as I get to the bottom of the cup I want to gag. Why? I'm not sure. Carrot juice has the same effect on me as whole carrots—if you eat them to fast, you feel like your choking? Maybe this is just me. As far as side effects and feelings went, I felt good today. Not great, but good. I felt a perpetual throbbing in my head that was signaling I was on the verge of a food headache but I never quite got the headache. When the throbbing got more intense, I would drink another juice or lots of water and it subsided for a while. My real success of the day was attending yoga in the park with my roommates. I felt energized the whole time. I was afraid I might crash or have to sit through some poses because I would not have enough strength or energy but that was not that case. I didn't feel like I was overexerting myself at all. I felt fine, which makes sense because I'm getting bursts of vitamins, energy, and nutrient-rich juice going straight into my bloodstream. I'm excited to see the benefits in my skin and sleep. Today was a good day just like yesterday. I hope I can keep feeling this way for the next 8 days.

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spencer said...

Day 3...
...day 4..