11 July 2009

BaRock the Monuments

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Independence who?
Independence Obama.

It all depends on Obama.
You should here our babies at school:
"Who is the president?"
"rock-o-bama, rock-o-bama!!"

This blog is to commemorate my Independence Day experience. I toured the Museum of Natural History where I saw a very large dead squid, walked around Eastern Market and made friends with a man who makes jewelry from watermelon seeds, and then waited in front of the Washington monument for 5 hours for the fireworks to start.
My friend, Brittany Shaw came to visit for the 4th. We lived in Niceville, FL in middle school . I made friends with her in 5th grade in Mrs. Lofe's class and we've been friends ever since. She needs me and I need her. We waited together:


Kathleen said...

our pres is a rock star. love it. :)
question, how do you make your pics side by side like on your header. i like.

kelly said...

that is so cool you guys have stayed friends, old friends are the best, well one is silver the other gold, ya know.
how are you doing? are you enjoying washington? it looks like it as long as you are not feeling lonely.

amber said...

i miss. your freaking. face.