24 July 2009

My Summer Hasn't Hit Me Yet

strolling through joseph smith's neighborhood.

this is the grove called sacred.

this home belongs to a very special family.

andrew and a sacred bird nest.

I spent my weekend in a rental, in the back seat, with a book, the freeway, and my four roomies. I spent the weekend in Rochester, New York.
My roommate's and I have been planning this trip for a month. We had everything planned to the T, but if you have ever rented a car before, you can imagine how easily plans change.
We were about to pick up the car when they told us it would be significantly more expensive. Being the volunteers we are, we had to stick very close to our frugal budgets and push for the original estimate they gave us. The lowest they went was about $10 more than the estimate. We settled and headed to the vehicle they reserved for us and noticed there was a slash in the tire. Next! In the next one, a nail had impaled the tire. Next! Our dilemma resulted in success and they went back to the original estimate and cleaned a brand new rental for us to ride all the way.
I just feel like that experience was enough discouragement to erase weeks of planning, and it could have stopped this trip from ever happening. Evil has a way of creeping in and disrupting things that can be so good, beneficial and constructive for us like a trip to the sacred grove or glance over niagara falls.
But perseverance is key!! Pulling through and sticking it out is what I have to do.

it was windy and rainy for my oregon girl.

niagara mist.

This past weekend, I went places I always thought of seeing SOMEDAY. I don't have to wait and dream and plan on that anymore because I actually went and saw and can continue dreaming about in live technicolor. It just hasn't hit me yet - i'm seeing far more of the world immediately around me than I thought I would. It is all thanks to the people surrounding me. Just eat these up:

I just want to make a shout out to my camera - you better not let anyone bring you down just because you're 5 megapix.
no one.


kelly said...

what a cool trip, can you rent a car under 25 yrs. old? i am glad you are having fun with your roomies!

Marie said...

Red I am so jealous!! I want to be you right now!