14 November 2009

Looking out the window at 4:53

This week has ended nicely like an airplane coming to a soft and gentle landing after a turbulent ride. There were some things I finished this week I thought I could never do a 10 minute presentation in my Advanced Writing class and a legit interview in sign language! and then the rest of school and work. Pres. Faust has this analogy about pebbles. He says that sometimes we view our problems as if they are stones along a path and instead of leaving them on the path, we hold them up to our face to examine them and then we can't see beyond them. That's sort of how I went through this week. Every obstacle was staring me in the face until I conquered it. I could have handled it a little better, but I'm good - I still have my friends, even some new friends - and that is what is most important to me.
One great part of my week was my friend Ryan, who is deaf, gave me a sign name! It is a "J" that circles the face. He used that gesture because I am from Hawaii which is an "H" that circles the face. I thought that was really sweet. I love it.
Last night, I saw This is It - Michael Jackson's movie. awwwwwwwwww I loveloveloved it. He was 50 and still working it! I wonder if he ever had knee or hip problems. He just moved so smoothly. What a criminal. I will always like Michael Jackson. This movie was so special. His dancers, his crew, everyone who helped him put on this concert respected him so much. They sort of treated him like a child, in a non-condescending way. MJ just had a vision and a determination to get there like a child has when they play make-believe. Everything he said was out of love, and he reminded everyone of that. When he gave the smallest critique, he said, 'it comes from love, l-o-v-e.' Oh man. I love him. It was just unbelievable to see him get carried away with his dancing. He was in the zone. He was the zone.
I hope he's dancing in heaven.

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kelly said...

kiley is feeling the same way about school, it gets tougher as you go but you are tough and a smart smart girl! you can do it just keep your priorities, prayer/church, friends, hard work!! you will be through before you know it and then the real world so take some time to enjoy the ride!!