10 November 2009

Today at work I was scanning The Registry of Farnham. It is a book in a collection, a special collection if you will, of British registries. I found this note in the middle of this obscure book. It says: I took dogs out before I left.
All I'm saying is this person did a good thing by taking the dogs out and ceasing to read this absolutely, tirelessly long and boring, crispy book. Why were they reading it in the first place??

I just thought it was so exciting to come across some sort of life lurking among these brittle pages, stale ink, and ancient copyrights.

Ancestors on Bjork's album, Medula, creeps me out. I think its going to give me nightmares. It reminds me of those creepy Japanese horror movies I watched this past halloween. Listen to it if you dare.


Kathleen said...

id say thats in order.

kelly said...

why are you reading it?
thanks for your comments on my blog:) i am not going anywhere!
your hair is soooo long again!
e-mail me and tell me how you are doing.
love you.