24 December 2011

First things first.

I've "come home" three times in the past month. First was coming home to the United States; second was coming home to Provo, UT; third was coming home to the parents' house in St. Louis, MO. It seems that every time I have "come home" in the past month, I've done the same things: Eat at a favorite cafe, go shoe shopping, and then hit up the bakery. This is a pattern in my life I don't see a need to change.

hot boba tea in L.A.

thrift shoe shopping in Hollywood 
new friends 
ok, instead of a bakery, we did macrobiotic. When in Hollywood . . .

I don't have pictures to document the inbetween, which belongs here. Between LA and St. Louis, I was in Provo. What were the first things I did? Take Chloe out to brunch at Gourmandise Bakery & Cafe on 3rd West, help Chloe pick out a pair of boots at Nordstrom, then go to yet another bakery.

creperie in St. Louis 
'dem heels

paper bags from wood bakery

classic favorites from a new favorite bakery

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kelly said...

your parents didn't move did they? if not they live in ILL.! st. louis is way better though!!