22 December 2011

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of stumbling across a box of books. A paper above the box read, "Free Books. Take One." So I did. I've always wanted to read this story. Anything inspired by a Vermeer painting must be promising, in my opinion. Vermeer was one of the artists in HUM 202 Art History that made an impression on me. Many of his paintings have maps. I love maps. If I were to ever collect something, it would be maps of all the places I've been. Maps can be so beautiful and old and delicate and full of history and records. Just like the ones in Vermeer's paintings. It's exquisite how he manages to paint the faint details of the map as well as the immediate subject. I also love how he uses them to fill the lofty spaces above his sitters. One more thing—the curtains—or, rather, repoussiers. They hold you back from the scene but invite you at the same time. I want my house to be full of curtains because of Vermeer. I want them to separate each room. It just seems so cozy and romantic.
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
The Art of Painting
The Geographer
My house will be a Vermeer house:
  • maps
  • curtains
  • muted colors
  • ladies
  • letters
  • sunlight



Maybe you should just marry an actual painter! Or you can get your master's degree in cartography. Pearl Earring Girl is my favorite.

kelly said...

that book is one of my favorites!! there is the movie too which of course is not as good but interesting to see it in motion!