27 March 2009

Don't be so Juvenile!

See any similarities?
The mural on the 4th floor of BYU Harold B. Lee Library is an allusion to Raphael's School of Athens. Now I know I'm not the first to realize this, and trust me, I realized it a long time ago - in fact on New Student Orientation day, but it still makes me so happy that I know this.
Growing up, we had this painting framed in our house...from the source. We bought a print in Italy after visiting the Vatican. It is one of Raphael's Masterpieces.

We are all philosophers in our own way, especially little kids. We can learn a lot from the little juvies.

Next time you see this mural my BYU brothers and sisters, check out the list Michaelangelo wrote to himself in the foreground.

I should brush up on my Plato and Socrates?


kelly said...

you are way more observant than i would have been! way to appreciate art!
yes ki connected her migraines to gluten so she has done her best to cut it out, it has been extremely hard there where a baguette accompanies every meal but she knows she feels better if she passes on it! it sucks, i feel so bad for her! at least i know how to feed her!

Marie said...

Hey love. Just wanted you to know that I do read your blogs, even if it takes me forever to get around to it. And I think you are great. Your the best thing since sliced bread. And bittersweet chocolate.