24 March 2009

Sharing is Caring

Time for a new post.
Currently in my language disorder class, I am transcribing a language sample and analyzing the language of a three year-old boy. He is the cutest thing since my koala beanie baby named Mel. What I'm trying to say is - he is precious. I've never felt more like a speech pathologist than when i spend hours transcribing a 20 minute sample. It's hard work, but I really like it.

This morning I dropped Belle off at the airport. Belle is my best friend whom I live, sleep, talk, dream, eat, sing, walk, run, and play with. We've known each other for a couple years, but I feel like I've been with her since childhood - she knows me so well. In fact, I feel jipped knowing that she exists now when she would have been the funnest, craziest childhood playmate back then. Bad timing. Anyway, she is going to Austin, TX (precious) to reunite with her man after two years; he served a mission in Switzerland. I'm pretty sure they are meant to be together, if not, they will remain the dearest of friends, but nonetheless, my life has changed as of 9:36 (when her plane left) this morning. I'll always have to share my best friend with someone else from now on. I know sharing is caring, but sometimes it is nice to have things all to yourself - there are some things I just don't like sharing like costa vida salads, toothbrushes, pillows, deoderant, ashybelle, but I will have to get over it.
Love you Belle.

A couple things on my mind right now:

I hate wondering if the person I was talking about heard me talking about them.
Solution: don't talk about people

I got cashmoney in my wallet, but I don't know where my wallet's at.
Solution: Keep it in my pants

Getting up early is bittersweet.
Solution: Treat yourself to a special dark chocolate piece of candy (mmmmm bittersweet)


kelly said...

hey i think you need to drop me an e-mail and let me know all about- everything. your speech pathology sounds amazing! how's the dating life and when do you leave? miss you! and don't keep cash in your pants you'll just wash it!

Kathleen said...

keep it in your pants. so many ways to read that.