19 March 2009

This Week has been Delicious and its only Wednesday

I think we made it. I hope I don't speak too soon, but I think we all made it out of winter. It is gone and Spring is here and now we can rejoice.
What a beautiful week. It started with this:

This is what we did on Sunday. We are in charge of the publicity for RecycleMania. We want to make BYU the number one recycling campus in the Nation! We took some photos to advertise the event. The bottom one is just for fun.

Today was especially tasty. I got sunburned. Mum would have been very mad at me for that, but I can't help but love having the sun consume me after a harsh winter. My friends, SethPearlKristi and I had a picnic at Bicentennial Park - only one of the prettiest places in Provo. It was, should I say it again? Delicious.

One of the sweetest things about this town is Pioneer Book. I traded books for books today. I felt like I was living in older days when people traded skills, talents, and objects. It was so refreshing and fun.

The week isn't over. It's going to be full of celebration- birthday party, friday night concert, saturday house painting, and sunday worship. Hopefully, the cycle will continue and next week will be just as mouth-watering.

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