01 August 2009

please don't take a closer look at this picture.

Tonight I helped feed 4,000 people.
My Jumpstart team and I volunteered at the D.C. Service Kitchen which feeds around 4,000 people every day. It also doubles as a culinary school and 90% of its workers graduated from the school.
Tonight, I think I chopped up 30 green bell peppers.
This city has done something to my heart. The way people talk to each other, walk on the sidewalk, sit on the metro, wait outside soup kitchens, rock the young professional get up, and teach little precious children just makes you feel like you're a part of a big, loud, troubled yet dedicated family. Total strangers holler at you from the sidewalk, like they know who you are, just wanting to say good morning or asking for a dollar or telling you how fine you're looking. Whatever it is, it's great and I want more of it.
Also, if you want to fit in here you better go get yourself a pair of NewBalance.

One last thing, all the little girls at school know this better than the hokey pokey:


Sondra said...

Three questions: Do you think that you will ever go back there to live? Why do you need New Balance, why not Nike? Are you telling me that those little girls can do that entire dance? Wow!

Kayla said...

So where are you this summer? and how are you doing so much to save the world? I'm jealous. I'd love to do what you're doing.