16 August 2009

Today we went to the Soulard Market in St. Louis, MO where Locavores unite. I really like this banner, and I'm bitter that I didn't come up with it first. I've always leaned toward consuming local foods rather than organic. Local foods are healthier in the sense that they are fresher, environmentally-friendly because they are not manufactured or packaged, and are more economical for your community. I'm still developing my opinions, but local also facilitates people coming together in a community, producers and consumers have never been so connected. We went to get herbs for my mother's vacant planter on the deck.

We bought basil and parsley. Fantastic for our Mediterranean diets.

Since we gathered such treasures from the farmer's market, I couldn't help but make Pasta Primavera with cracked pepper fettucine. (I saw Julie & Julia and, needless to say, was inspired---highly recommended). I wish I would have invited the guy selling pineapple to dinner. As we made eye contact over the home-grown grub, he said "come and get it." I had to remind myself he was speaking to the prospective buyers and not my red-headed, flirtatious self.

Peas Enjoy!


Brooke said...

You have turned into some sort of unbelievable gourmet chef!

and I think Julie & Julia must have inspired you in more areas than just the culinary.
You are an amazing blogger. Look at these rapidfire posts...

Also, I agree with the whole local-eating thing. sooooo better than organic.
It is so fun and easy in utah this time of year. We have our garden and it is incredible this year (corn! tomatoes! eggplant! peppers! squash! green beans! peas! potatoes! carrots! onions!) and for everything else...our beautiful farmers market.

The Ugandan booth is still there this year. They have cute wooden elephant chairs.

I miss you. =[

kelly said...

WOW! this brought back memories, i went to soulard many times, it was one of my favorite places to take the kids when they were little, they would also go on field trips there, it is wonderful!! you are such a cool girl, some guy is going to be so lucky to get you for his wife, hopefully he is adventurous!! the local thing is the best!
you have to read gluten free girl, please, you can find it on amazon, love it, it is like a food novel, non fiction book!

Austin said...

the pineapple guy totally wanted you.

which also reminds me of when i went to the concert on saturday, and saw the words chupa la piña (suck the pineapple) written on someone's car windows. I read it out loud without even thinking.

then i blushed a little when everyone looked at me and asked me what i said.

and i realized that "piña" could sound an awful lot like another word i know.

also, i'm going to be a locavore someday.