18 August 2009

Family Portrait

This is our most recent incomplete family portrait. I made Indian and made us dress up as ... Afghanistans?
insert Nathanial on right.
I say goodbye tomorrow at 9 a.m. to my turban-wearing father and sari-donning mother.
Back to school, back to Provo, back to life.


Marie said...

RED! RED! RED! I love you, babe. You are wonderful! So wait, are you back in Provo or what? I love the dress up. I need to do that sometime. I love Indian food and I love Afganistan, so that would be an ideal night, really.

Can I come with you to Cambodia?

Kathleen said...

this is good. REALLY good. i leave in 8 days. freakin a.

Alyne said...

I can't believe you convinced them to do that

amber said...

happy birthday again babybones. i cant wait to see you. im so glad your back. i love you to deaths.

Kathleen said...

i know it was yesterday, but Happy Birthday my BeautifulL with 2 L's!! I hope you got my text, i know, lame, but at least i remembered!!