18 August 2009

The Bings and I

Food is an art. It is so colorful, so creative, and so personal. Through these past several days and blogs, I've become more personal with my food; more personal with every step of the cooking process from buying it from the farmer's hands to serving it to my loved ones. Food and I are getting intimate. I handle it with care and I cherish it instead of abusing it by taking it for granted or neglecting it. Food is good for my soul. And yours.
For those of you who know me, I have this belief that I will find my husband-to-be in the grocery store, specifically Sunflower Market or Whole Foods in the baking aisle, and I think that hope and dream validates my passion for food. I've tried to make these photos as sexy as possible.
The past 48 hours have been drenched in cherry juice. I bought 2 pounds for $1! 2 pounds! Oh my gosh, are these beautiful cherries. I made gluten-free cherry muffins and gluten-free cherry-peach cobbler which I will blog about in the future. Eating the muffins was only slightly more fun then pitting the cherries and letting the juice stain my hands, knuckles, finernails, and white v-neck. That is just so satisfying to me. Anyone else?
I've learned some tips for gluten-free baking. Breads and muffins will always come out better when mixed electronically until there are no lumps. This is especially big news in the world of muffins. In gluten-ous baking, one should mix muffin batter only until it is just moistened. This is a no-no for the celiac diet. The muffins turn out softer, more palatable, and fluffier when mixed well and smooth. I will share these recipes soon.

Until then, may everything be as it appears through cherry-stained glasses.

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kelly said...

WANT RECIPES! i will post them on my GF blog if you want!