25 July 2010

free internet

What is one of the most treasured things in life?  Free internet.  You can call it mooching or not, but being in the right place at the right time is priceless.
I'm currently in the Houston airport awaiting my flight 933 to St. Louis.  I'm actually anticipating going home.  It's been a crazy two weeks down here in Florida and I'm ready for some constancy, some routine, some peace.  Yes, I said it, I'm ready to go home to my parents' house.
I've made a to-do list:

  • make a paper origami chandelier
  • build an easel
  • detox
  • explore St. Louis
I really need to take advantage of my new hometown.  Just now, I stole Southwest Airline's Spirit Magazine because it has a lengthy report on the magic of St. Louis.  It is one of the greatest cities in the U.S.  It is home to the best preserved architecture in America and the tallest National Monument.  You can buy the tallest apple pie here, too!  I want to see a show at Pageant Theatre and walk through Forest Park and paddleboat.  It's taken me about two years ago to be charmed by this new "home."  Let me just say this to the world, it's never worth it to wait to be happy.  I'm going to try being happy where I am as soon as I am there.  I'll find and make my own happiness.  Who's in?

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kelly said...

st. louis is awesome, born and raised!!
shopping is good and there are free things like the zoo, grants farm, science center. the city museum is cool and the magic house!