31 July 2010

Belleville, IL

So yesterday was a good day.  Mum and I went thrifting.  I looked up a few consignment/thrift places on google maps and we searched for them.  We went to this town called Belleville.  Isn't that a nice name?  Main street was old-fashioned with old city lamps and an old-style theatre or "show house."  The other day, I told a friend how I don't like shopping and spending money, but I don't feel the same about thrift shopping.  In fact, I feel like I'm helping the world when I go thrifting because, essentially, I am reducing, reusing and recycling.  How redeeming is that.  So I bought a pair of black shoes, the coolest black shoes.  I'll have to show them to you.  Mum thinks someone died in them- as with all of the things you'd find in a thrift/second hand place.

I'm not a big movie person, but my mum is.  She's a movie person.  She pretty much knows all the actors and actresses of big-hit movies whether old or new.  So, I like going to the theatre with her because she likes it.    And you can't say much in a theatre that will annoy the other.  So we went to a matinee in this old world town yesterday, only $4.50.  They had antique candy machines!  I don't even like candy, but I had to use this machine.  They are the kind where you put 3 dimes in, pull the knob, and candy pops out the bottom.  So satisfying.  Three Smarties.

In the theatre, Mum offered me popcorn.  I took a few and said "This is way too salty."  She took it back, ate a few and said, "You're right.  It is too salty."  I had to soak it in this moment where I was "right" for once.  Then she goes, "Well that's good because I've been dehydrated, lately."  I turned and looked at her with this face that said "You do have a college degree, don't you?"  but I just said, "Really? Mum salt dehydrates you, sucks all the moisture out."  "Oh," she says and merrily finishes the popcorn.  Sometimes she really makes me laugh or worry.

I really got a kick out of this place.  I'm pretty twitterpated with her.  I have to go back to the old Schwinn bike shop and Mum has to buy something at the butcher.  Yes, they have a local butcher.  Besides the part where they slaughter animals, I think it's a practice that shouldn't go out of style if people keep eating meat.

I'm slowly reaching my goal for liking this place and finding its awesome niches.  I've been getting great advice from people to help me reach this goal, so thank you everyone.


kelly said...

been to belleville, i am sure sondra has too!
glad you are enjoying time with your mum!

Brooke said...

hey now, don't be too harsh on your mom.
it's easy to get confused about the salt thing... because salt is often added as a key ingredient in sports drinks.
I guess when you are exercising a lot you lose a lot of sodium through your sweat and to avoid dehydration it is important to keep the right sodium/water balance.

so sometimes salt can be good for keeping you hydrated and healthy on a hot day. But, true, not while you are sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater...

Sondra said...

Kelly's right. Been to Belleville. It's good.