05 July 2010


I recently made my very first purchase on eBay. I haven't quite got the hang of bidding and auctions, but I'm excited to practice. eBay really does making spending money fun. The fun factor lies in the fact that spending money has actually become winning a product. Instead of saying "Thank you for your purchase," eBay says "Congratulations, you've won suchandsuch." Who doesn't like winning, is my question? So eBay has turned the filthy habit of spending money into a game of strategy and a bit of luck. Way to play with our minds, eBay. I love it, I really do.
The truth is you can get quality stuff for a very nice price, a price you set yourself. And the process of bidding results in the comfort that you've worked for it, you've fought for it, you've researched appropriate competitive prices. It's really an all around good feeling - especially when you're currently living for free at your parent's house. I better live up my new lifestyle before Aug. 30th.

I bought LOST seasons 1-6 for my parent's 28th anniversary. $75. not bad, right?
I hope they don't read this.

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kelly said...

so your back from australia and staying in illinois? until school starts? caleb is at UVU now maybe you will see him sometime!