14 August 2011

Ceramics 2.0

This is the second helping of ceramics from my summer pottery class. I just got these from the studio this past week. I made a bowl, a cylinder, and a plate. The bowl is my pride and joy. This was my second attempt at a bowl and it was really hard. My teachers had to help me a lot with this one. I always got discouraged at how much help I needed but I know I could do it again on my own. The coolest thing about ceramics is that if the throwing (on the wheel) didn't go quite as planned (as it did for this bowl), you can always make up for it with the glazing. I love how the glazes turned out on the bowl! I used three glazes: berry purple, turquoise, and golden horizon. I painted them next to each other, sometimes on top of each other. In the kiln, the glazes melted and dripped into each other to create all sorts of colors and even a glittery aesthetic in some places. It is magical. I am so proud of this piece. I also love the cylinder, which serves as the perfect cup for a late night cup of chocolate almond milk. My favorite late night treat. I glazed the whole cup in crackle parchment and made the lines with a glazed called cilantro (or oregano, I can't remember which spice). And the plate is a gift for Dallin. The two bikes represent our bikes. I ride a boy bike and he rides a girl bike, and I hardly ever let him ride my boy bike. It's kind of cute. This one is for you, D. Hope you like it.

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Mr. & Mrs. Clarke said...

I love that bowl. It is awesome!