09 August 2011

Pottery Class

I took a pottery class this summer at the Provo Recreation Center. I learned how to throw on the wheel. I've always wanted to take a ceramics class before I graduated and I finally did. I'm really proud of myself for paying for the class and learning from total strangers. My favorite part of ceramics is centering the clay. You have to scoot up really close to the wheel, hold your arms really close to your body, and press your legs against your elbows to leverage all your weight on to the clay. Then it slowly gets centered on the wheel. Once it's centered, you can do anything. Why do I like it so much? I feel like the clay is precious and I want to take care of it and move it slowly so it doesn't crack or fly away. I feel like I'm taking care of something or someone. It's very personal. I love ceramics.

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