22 May 2009

Don't Be Surprised if You See My Face on Cribs

Vanity in master bed

living room w/ big fluffy couches and brand new vacuum

kitchen w/ gas stove and dishwasher

breakfast table and fridge

den w/ 2 desks and great sunlight

dining room and chandlier

my closet, my shoes

my bed and pillow

my home. i live on the top floor 12

My internet is sketched for the time being, so I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like to. I have moved in and it is great! I'm in the middle of Crystal City. Right across the street is the Metro station, and on the other side is the public library, CostCo, local grocery story and a creperie!! Oh and much, much more.
This is a very nice, safe part of town and I've already made friends with my neighbors. My favorite neighbor: Thelma. I met her at the Arlington Visitor Center. She is an older lady. I told her that I was here for an internship and she thought that was just lovely. She told me a story of speech pathologists in her time. She said that they really whooped kids into shape in those days. In her words, "She was a real bitch."
Thank you, Thelma.
I'm going to bake some cookies and share them with her this weekend, I really like her.

This is the view from my balcony around 8:45 p.m. I really like it.


Kathleen said...

I'm really glad you have Thelma. She sounds wonderful. jess, I love how you make friends with everyone. They should make one of those coming of age films about you where you find yourself and make friends of all sorts along the way. I'm serious. love your house by the way. especially the den with all that sunlight.

kelly said...

wow that is a nice apartment!! i used to love my gas stove! i know you are going to have a great experience. you are so outgoing and have such a good heart! i think thelma is a good match for you, watch out for the boys!

Marie said...

This is seriously where you live? What the? That is freakin' nice, homegirl.

I love Thelma. Tell her that I love her. She's an OG, fo shiz.

Thanks for the text, love. You know I love a good sunset!